Juiz de Fora is a city noted for its pioneers.

The origins of the city are intertwined with the first settlements along the margins of the "New Trail" (Caminho Novo), opened by Garcia Dias Paes, connecting the capital, Rio de Janeiro, to the town of Vila Rica in the 18th century.

In 1836 Henrique Guilherme Fernando Halfeld, German born engineer, who had fought against the armies of Napoleon Bonapart, in the Battle of Waterloo, received a commission from the Brazilian Imperial Governament to open a new route from the existing "New Trail", starting from the location then called the settlement of Santo Antonio do Paraibuna of Juiz de Fora (The Judge from the Outside in literal translation). Because of this iniciative he has been called the founder of the city.

By the end of that same century Juiz de Fora was the Brazilian city that had witnessed greatest development and already utilized energy produced by the first Hydroelectric Power Plant in Latin America.

By 1888 the city was connected to Rio de Janeiro by paved highway and by the Central Railway of Brazil.

Juiz de Fora appropriately received the title of "The Manchester of Minas". It's hymn goes on to say "Hail the Princess of Minas".

Only a few hours distant from the more important tourist attractions in the southeast of Brazil, Juiz de Fora is included in tours of the region, such as those to São João del Rey and Ouro Preto. Situated equidistant from Angra dos Reis and Ouro Preto, the city is also very close to the "Circuit of the Waters" (Mineral Water Spas), and only two hours from Rio de Janeiro, principal entry for tourists to Brazil.

The Bernado Mascarenhas Factory, a pioneering textile factory also from de past century, is one of the attractions that gave Juiz de Fora the name "Manchester of Minas". Today, completely restored, it is an important cultural center used for expositions, video shows, theater and art workshops.

The memory of the city is cultived in The Mariano Procopio Museum, one of three principal museums in the country, due to the volume and significance of its content, unique in its European characteristics in Minas Gerais. The Museum is also an area of recreation with an enchanting park.

The city also has the Murilo Mendes Center of Studies, homage to the poet from Juiz de Fora. His collection of art including works of Picasso, Portinari and Max Ernst, among other great names of contemporary painting, was transferred, was tranferred from Portugal to this Center in 1996.

Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism find spaces in various points of the region. Horse back riding, "motocross", mountain bike and jeep rides are among the sports practiced with adventure and nature as essential attractions.

Juiz de Fora at night is noted for its bars, boites and dischotheques mainly with the presence of the younger set. The bohemian tradition of the city is maintained in each of these locales. The cultural life in the city is intense. The city has movies cinemas and theaters that show the spectacles in vogue in the larger centers, and has been the site for national first runs.

The Central Cine Theater merits special attention and is one of the most important show places in the State of Minas Gerais. Greatly admired by the artists that pass by our city, the theater has been acquired by the University and administered by the City Government.

The installation of the Mercedes Benz of Brazil in the city was the harbinger of a new dawn of development at the end of this millennium.

Besides the attractions, Juiz de Fora also counts on a sophisticated and complete commerce. All the infra-structure has been prepared to receive tourists and business people. The City Government is now studying new projects with the view of promoting tourism as a first line product. Investment in this area is a fundamental decision toward renewed development in the region.

The CWJF Group began in the 80's with the ideas of an excellent telegrafist, our dear friend Julio (PY4AG) who with customary cordiality taught those interested in practice of morse code.

The number of his students grew and CW became common practice of hams in Juiz de Fora.

However one of these hams was outstanding in the facility with wich he learned in few lessons the reception and transmission of CW. This was our fellow member Paulo (PY4EM).

Conversation at their work place gave Julio and Paulo the idea of forming a Group of CW in the city, at first, with local amateurs only.

Meanwhile as the idea consolidated, two other amateurs joined them to begin a club, Guimaraes (PY4CY) and Alvaro (PY4RU), now a silent key.

So as not to lose time, Paulo made an sketch for the diploma of the Club and drew up its by-laws.

Finally a first meeting was called on May 31, 1985, the Anniversary of the City.

By the end of this first day the Juiz de Fora Group for CW (CWJF) was formed with Julio (PY4AG) as president of the first directory and with a group of 17 member operators.

This year of 93 a Manchester Mineira Contest was created and in May 1993 our first contest was held for all Brazil with excellent results, which gave us the enthusiasm to continue.

Several alterations in the statutes were processed principally to allow Radio Amateurs of other states and countries to take part in the group.

We are the 1st Group of CW in Brazil to maintain a national contest with participation of at least one Amateur from each state in Brazil, fact happened in 94 and repeated in 95.

For 10 consecutive years (1993 - 2003) we have surpassed our own records, a remarkable feat.

In 1997, after receiving many letters from Radio Amateurs from Latin America we enlarged the scope of our contest to all of the South American continent, obtaining with this exceptional indices of participation.

At the present time more than 400 Amateurs belong to the Club, with great honor.

Our next objective is to consolidate during the next years the Manchester Mineira Contest in all America (South America, Central America, North America).

In 2011, the Manchester Mineira All America CW Contest was expanded to all five (6) continents, with the new name of: CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest ( CQMM DX CONTEST ).

The CQMM DX Contest, is to be held on the 3rd weekend of April.

"The success of CWJF
it is not our, it is all ours."